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Monday, June 19, 2017

Mystery Man and Mystery Woman in the Vormbrock Vault Photos!

Mystery Man and Mystery Woman: Can you identify these two people? Both pics came from Janet Vormbrock Wrobel today. The first pic is one of our classmates, and she appears in the group pic taken at the pep rally. This photo appears in the 1967 Crosier (2nd pic), btw, and she is the only unidentified person in the pic. The gentleman in the third pic was a faculty member at some point during our 4 years at SBHS. Who are they?

This pic is a zoom of the pic below, focused on the Mystery Woman.

This photo appears in the 1967 Crosier, btw, and our Mystery Woman is the only unidentified person in the pic.  The others are Ron Capozza, David Hosmer, and Noreen Cicchetto.
Who is this guy?  ;)  

Spoiler Alert:  we ran this little Mystery in our Facebook page today, and both "Mystery' people were identified rather quickly.  Check the Facebook page to see who they are.  

Here is the link:

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