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Monday, June 19, 2017

Mystery Man and Mystery Woman in the Vormbrock Vault Photos!

Mystery Man and Mystery Woman: Can you identify these two people? Both pics came from Janet Vormbrock Wrobel today. The first pic is one of our classmates, and she appears in the group pic taken at the pep rally. This photo appears in the 1967 Crosier (2nd pic), btw, and she is the only unidentified person in the pic. The gentleman in the third pic was a faculty member at some point during our 4 years at SBHS. Who are they?

This pic is a zoom of the pic below, focused on the Mystery Woman.

This photo appears in the 1967 Crosier, btw, and our Mystery Woman is the only unidentified person in the pic.  The others are Ron Capozza, David Hosmer, and Noreen Cicchetto.
Who is this guy?  ;)  

Spoiler Alert:  we ran this little Mystery in our Facebook page today, and both "Mystery' people were identified rather quickly.  Check the Facebook page to see who they are.  

Here is the link:

Pics from the Vormbrock Vault!

This morning's surprise came in the form of the following email from Marguerite Stoffel Glidden
"Hi Tom,
Last night Norm and I had dinner with Janet Vormbrock Wrobel her husband and she had these old pictures. I don't know if they would be any use to you but I thought I'd send them along just in case."  

Boom! :)

Some of these pics appeared in the Crosier, if memory serves, but others appeared new to me. Or my memory fails to serve in those cases! Regardless, they are a great find! Thank you, Marguerite and Janet! ;)

Bishop Vincent J. Hines,Valedictorian Ann Fallon, Salutatorian Michael Perrone, and Senator Abraham Ribicoff. 
Rev. Charles McGinley 
Rev. John Scully 
Father McGinley and Mrs. Carmela Guerin. 
May Crowning 1966. Lynn Morton '66, with Karen Contillo, Marsha Boardsen and Jane Cavanaugh. 
Mr. Arthur St. Germain 
Mr. Frank McKenna, now Fr. McKenna. 
Mr. James Powers, Sr. 
Mr. Roger Williams 
Mr. William Doyle 
Mr. William Doyle 
Pep rally. with Ron Capozza, Dave Hosmer and Noreen Cicchetto. Who can identify the young lady between Ron and Dave? ;)

Mr. Roger Williams 
I was unable to find this guy in any of the yearbooks. I think he may have taught French, but I can't be sure. Any help in identifying is most welcome! 
Mrs. Carmela Guerin

Thank you, Marguerite and Janet! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

"Last Lecture" by Mr. Bernard Kenyon (Brother Bernard!)

I just received the following email from Pierce (Ted) Kepple. (He and his wife, Lavina (Ferraro) Kepple are looking forward to attending the Reunion in August.) This is Brother Bernard! I can't believe he found this!  ;) Thank you, Pierce! Kudos! 
"Hi Tom,
I just uncovered a you tube video of Bernard Kenyon's last lecture at Mount Joseph High School in Baltimore Md. It was a send off/tribute to his teaching career as well as his own comments. If you google "Bernard Kenyon, last lecture" you will find it. He taught a total of 50 years I believe."

And here is a screen shot from the video!   Yeah.... he went there!  Enjoy!  ;) 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Class of 1967 Graduation Pics From Leslie Woz!

Leslie Woz posted these pics today on our Reunion Facebook page with the following comment:

"Look what I found while cleaning out some old files - our graduation pictures!!"  ----Leslie Woz. 

Nice find, Leslie!  Thank you for sharing them!  ;)

Here is the link to the Facebook page:

UPDATE:  June 1, 2017 late at night:
 We had a Reunion Committee meeting tonight, btw, on the beach along Pequot Avenue, thanks to Barbara Doherty and Donna Moore. Wow! We were like The Wall Boys from the 50s and 60s tonight, ..... with almost as much booze as they used to have! ;)  

Anyway, this post was a topic of conversation to start the meeting! And Faith Asselin shared a very funny story about that very day! Amazing! Ask her about it!  But kudos to you, Leslie Woz for posting it! Most of us had no recollection at all of these pics!