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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Invitations "Stuffing Party'! April 26, 2017

Success! Kudos to the entire Reunion Committee on a job well done tonight! The printed, collated, folded Invitation packets have been stuffed into envelopes with mailing labels attached and sealed for mailing. Special thanks to Faith Asselin and Barbara Doherty for their hard work in getting everything prepped for tonight's "Stuffing Party"! Barbara will get them stamped and into the mail this week! This was a huge job preparing for this event, and I am pleased to congratulate the Committee for a great Mission Accomplished! Still lots to do but this is a significant milestone! T-Minus 108 days and counting until the Reunion event! Here are some pics from tonight's meeting. Thank you Mimi Cushman Gillen, Barbara Doherty, Bill Beth Crocker, Joan Sullivan, Faith Asselin, Donna Moore, Jack CarrJoe Turner, and Bob Perry! Thank you for hosting us, Donna Moore! Unfortunately, Bob Perry had to depart before the pics were taken. This was the wine, Asti Spumante, Sparkling Cider and yummy snacks portion of the meeting after the work was done, btw. What a great, fun, competent group! And, as you can see, Mimi was a huge hit as she modeled her red 1967 Senior blazer! Wow!
(L to R) Donna Moore, Bill Beth Crocker, Barbara Doherty, Jack CarrMimi Cushman GillenJoe Turner, Joan Sullivan, Faith Asselin.

Mimi Cushman Gillen models her 1967 Senior blazer! Barbara, Bill, Jack and Joe marvel in the background!
Foreground (L to R) Donna Moore, Mimi Cushman GillenFaith AsselinTom Schuch. Background (L to R) Barbara Doherty, Bill Beth CrockerJack CarrJoe Turner, and Joan Sullivan.  Bob Perry had left before the camera came out, unfortunately. 

And if it looks like we are having waaaay too much fun...... you are right! But the bottom line is..... this group gets the work DONE!  Hats Off!  Kudos to all, let's keep it going1   Only 107 days to go! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

History Buffs: Maps Showing SBHS Campus in 1893 and 1911

This is for the history buffs in the audience. Here is a screen shot of a map of New London from 1893. In the upper center, you can see the "Williams Memorial Institute" on Broad Street, which later became the St. Bernard's campus. You can also see why Bank Street got its name: it WAS the riverbank! The Miner and Alexander Lumberyard site (corner of Hamilton and Howard Sts at bottom of map) was actually underwater at that time! And the Shaw's Cove office building complex? That is nearly smack in the middle of Shaw's Cove! The second map dates from 1911, and you can clearly see the brownstone Williams Memorial Institute building, which later became St. Edmund's Hall. St. Albert's is there also, btw.