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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Update to the Attendee List!

Update to the Update! July 22, 2017: Additions to the attendee list from Barbara. N.B.: Classmates listed are attending one or more of the Reunion weekend functions. Here are additions to the classmates attending list:

Charlie Hennegan, Deb Benoit, Robert Jewell, Mary Murphy, Richard and Jeanne Hart Chrimes, Charlie Ebbinghaus, Chris Schell, Theresa MacInnis, Jack Churchill, Marguerite Stoffel.

We now have 49 attending the Meet and Greet on Friday, 89 attending the Reunion Dinner Dance, and 29 attending the Sunday Luncheon. And we are still counting!

Scroll down to the earlier post to see the complete attendee list to date!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Accommodations Update: Norwich Inn and Spa

FYI:  Carol Kenyon messaged me today to say that her brother, Tim Kenyon, has told her that he could offer group rates for our Reunion weekend at the Norwich Inn and Spa if people are interested. Call him at:  860.884.8820

Friday, July 14, 2017

Reunion Dinner Dance Attendee List

Update:  July 29:  Barbara sent me additions to the list of attendees to the Dinner Dance:  Hi Tom,  Here is a list of classmates attending the dinner dance, to be added to the previous list :  Cheryl Sorensen, Jack Turner,  Jane Cavanaugh, John Pietrzak, Nancy Suchodolski, Emile Levasseur, Margot Keam.  Attendance is up to 81 persons (including spouse/partners.). Thank you, Barbara!

Here is a list (so far) of our '67 classmates that will be attending the Reunion Dinner Dance on Saturday August 12, 2017:  Francis Connors, Dana Erb, Michele Gargan, Pamela Miller, Brian Hermes, Theresa MacInnis, Bill Douton, Kathleen Kennedy, Susan Powell, Cass Young, Patricia Murray, Jack Churchill, Joe Kane, Priscilla Lutz, Richard Sylvia, Bruce Gallemore, Jan Von Flatern, Lavina Ferraro, Pierce (Ted) Kepple, Noreen Bluemling, Anne Lange, Faith Davidson, Donna Moore, Barbara Doherty, Rob Hayden, Bill Crocker, Jack Carr, Joan Sullivan, Bob Perry, Tom Schuch, Joe Turner, Mimi Cushman, Margery Lacey, Bob Mingo, Janice Vormbrock, Elona Montano, Patti Bach, Janet Vormbrock, Eileen Curley, and Bob Bessette.  (N.B. For easier recognition, names listed are the names we used as SBHS students, and do not reflect subsequent changes by marriage, etc.)  In addition, we have a number of Honored Guests who will be in attendance:  our Class Moderators Roger Baillargeon (formerly Bro. Roger) and Joan Blais (formerly Sr. Rita);  Lucille Naughton (formerly Sr. Lucille), Bernard Kenyon (formerly Bro. Bernard, cannot attend dance but will attend other activities on the weekend);  and Mrs Carmella Guerin.  This list will be updated as we receive more responses, so stay tuned!  ;) See you soon!

Total attendance is at 70 at the moment, and we expect it to continue to increase.  Please note that while many classmates are bringing spouses/partners, there are also many (both men and women) who will be coming 'solo'.  So come on down! 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

From The Vault of Faith Davidson Asselin!

From the Vault of Faith Asselin:  Faith shared these items with the Reunion Committee at our meeting last Thursday night.  She came across them when looking for something else, naturally, and there they were!  She has graciously allowed me to borrow them to share here.  Thank you, Faith!

Do you remember these?  ;)  

Thank you, Faith!