Class of '67 Reunion

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Latest Fashion in Golf Attire: Rob Hayden!

Fashionisto Rob Hayden took the opportunity to introduce the newest stylish trend on the links: "the Diddle Diddle Dumpling, My Son John" Look.  Nice, Rob!   ;)

Spy photo by Anne Lange!  Nice one, Anne!  I owe you a beer!   ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Joe Turner's Reunion Dinner Pics!

'Candid Camera' Joe Turner just sent me these pics! Great job, Joe! Partay!  ;)

1967 SBHS Connecticut State Baseball Champions!

Our Favorite French Chanteuse! 

Thank you, Joe Turner! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lucille's Love Story

Pic from Joe Turner! You captured a great moment, Joe! Lucille tells her Love Story! You da Man!  Second pic is from Jack (AKA Brother Christopher) Naughton's scrapbook, entitled "Jack's Treasure', which Lucille made available to us last night. But we now have a whole new understanding of that term: Lucille, you were truly Jack's Treasure, just as you are now .... our Treasure! Thank you for gracing us with your presence and thank you for sharing your wonderful Love Story last night. It truly was a Moment of Entrancement on a magical night. Thank you. Love, Tom Schuch and Catherine Schuch

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Team '67: Meet and Greet Final Preparation

Here are a couple of pics of your Reunion Committee hard at work today helping Carol Kenyon prepare for your onslaught tomorrow.  Once again, it was great fun, and the work got done!  Kudos to Mimi Cushman Gillen, Donna Moore, Faith Davidson Asselin, Barbara Doherty, Bill Crocker, Carol Kenyon, and our newest member, Pierce Kepple!  Plus Flora Beth Kenyon and her friend whose name I regrettably did not record!  He was a great help!

 Donna Moore, Faith Davidson Asselin, Bill Crocker, Pierce Kepple, Mimi Cushman Gillen, and Barbara Doherty.
 Faith, Pierce, Mimi, Donna, Bill and Barbara.

Pierce Kepple, Tom Schuch and Barbara Doherty.

See you soon!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reunion Attire

(You don't really think I am going to give a serious answer to this here, do you?)  ;)

There have been a number of inquiries about the 'attire' for this weekend's activities. Well, I am the wrong guy to ask, since I am far from a 'sartorial expert', but I DO know that this outfit would be considered appropriate for ANY of the Reunion events! 

Here is how Mimi Cushman Gillen surprised us at a Reunion committee meeting a while back. She was amazing! 

So..... who is gonna do it?  

N.B. "Business Casual' for Saturday night, I'm told, and 'Casual' for the other events.

See you soon!