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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Invitations "Stuffing Party'! April 26, 2017

Success! Kudos to the entire Reunion Committee on a job well done tonight! The printed, collated, folded Invitation packets have been stuffed into envelopes with mailing labels attached and sealed for mailing. Special thanks to Faith Asselin and Barbara Doherty for their hard work in getting everything prepped for tonight's "Stuffing Party"! Barbara will get them stamped and into the mail this week! This was a huge job preparing for this event, and I am pleased to congratulate the Committee for a great Mission Accomplished! Still lots to do but this is a significant milestone! T-Minus 108 days and counting until the Reunion event! Here are some pics from tonight's meeting. Thank you Mimi Cushman Gillen, Barbara Doherty, Bill Beth Crocker, Joan Sullivan, Faith Asselin, Donna Moore, Jack CarrJoe Turner, and Bob Perry! Thank you for hosting us, Donna Moore! Unfortunately, Bob Perry had to depart before the pics were taken. This was the wine, Asti Spumante, Sparkling Cider and yummy snacks portion of the meeting after the work was done, btw. What a great, fun, competent group! And, as you can see, Mimi was a huge hit as she modeled her red 1967 Senior blazer! Wow!
(L to R) Donna Moore, Bill Beth Crocker, Barbara Doherty, Jack CarrMimi Cushman GillenJoe Turner, Joan Sullivan, Faith Asselin.

Mimi Cushman Gillen models her 1967 Senior blazer! Barbara, Bill, Jack and Joe marvel in the background!
Foreground (L to R) Donna Moore, Mimi Cushman GillenFaith AsselinTom Schuch. Background (L to R) Barbara Doherty, Bill Beth CrockerJack CarrJoe Turner, and Joan Sullivan.  Bob Perry had left before the camera came out, unfortunately. 

And if it looks like we are having waaaay too much fun...... you are right! But the bottom line is..... this group gets the work DONE!  Hats Off!  Kudos to all, let's keep it going1   Only 107 days to go! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

History Buffs: Maps Showing SBHS Campus in 1893 and 1911

This is for the history buffs in the audience. Here is a screen shot of a map of New London from 1893. In the upper center, you can see the "Williams Memorial Institute" on Broad Street, which later became the St. Bernard's campus. You can also see why Bank Street got its name: it WAS the riverbank! The Miner and Alexander Lumberyard site (corner of Hamilton and Howard Sts at bottom of map) was actually underwater at that time! And the Shaw's Cove office building complex? That is nearly smack in the middle of Shaw's Cove! The second map dates from 1911, and you can clearly see the brownstone Williams Memorial Institute building, which later became St. Edmund's Hall. St. Albert's is there also, btw.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bob Mingo's Lockbox! Whoa! ;)

Bob Mingo posted these in the Facebook page tonight!  Wow!  Anyone else have stuff like this?  Let's see it!!!  ;)

 Bob's comments:

"Was looking for some insurance info and came across these in the lock box. Of course, I didn't find what I was looking for"

So, Bob, do tell!!!  What else you got in that lockbox??  ;) Thank you for sharing!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Old SBHS Gym Pic in Today's New London Day

If this photo looks familiar, it should. It was taken in the gym at the Richard R. Martin Social Services Center, better known to us as Marian Hall. It appeared on the front page of the Region section in today's New London Day.

"Gadla Gazley of North Stonington, a member of the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” co-ed adult basketball team from the Shoreline Social Sports and Events league, is seen in silhouette as he warms up Tuesday prior to a game against the “Practice Squad” team in the gymnasium of the Martin Center in New London."

Here is the link:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Reunion Committee Meeting March 23, 2017

Conference Call.  At tonight's Reunion Committee meeting, Rob Hayden and Joe Turner called in by phone. Here, Joan and I gave Joe (on Joan's phone) and Rob (on my phone) a chance to chat directly to each other. The wonders of modern technology!  ;) And despite the frivolity, we remain on track for mailing the Official Invitations etc....... Target Date is May1! Great work, folks, and great fun! Stay tuned! Pic by Faith Davidson Asselin.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SBHS Campus 2017: Back To The Future!

I paid a visit to the old Saint Bernard's campus today. I started taking pics in St. Edmund's, which is now G.A. 10 Circuit Court (court was in lunch recess).  However I was quickly interrupted by court security who informed me that no interior pics of the courthouse were allowed.  Although I knew the head security officer (he was a former employee of mine) they actually required me to delete the shots that I had taken.  The three security guards were quite friendly and courteous, btw, and they were very interested in hearing from me about the history of the building.  So we had a nice chat for about 15 minutes.  And, incidentally, they asked me if I knew anything about the building being 'haunted'.  The story is that a young girl has been seen and heard in the building at times.  They were quite serious.  :)

 So, while I regret that I am unable to share what St. Edmund's looks like today, I did get some interior shots of Marian Hall (now the Richard R. Martin Social Services Center, and St. Albert's (now the United Methodist Church). 

Side view of Marian Hall, taken from the former baseball field which is now a parking lot for the Court and the Senior Center.  The New London Senior Center now occupies the former SBHS cafeteria, with additional space added on. 
St. Edmund's Hall, now G.A. 10 Circuit Court.

Marian Hall, now the Richard R. Martin Social Services Center for the City of New London.

St. Albert's Hall, now The United Methodist Church.

The street address, 120 Broad Street.

Just inside the main entrance to Marian Hall.  The staircase is probably original, but .... not the elevator! 

Office Directory for the building.

This is referred to as the "Blue Floor": upon entering the main hallway, looking to the left.  The former Main Office is at the left of the pic, and the entrance to the auditorium is on the right.
This is the entrance to the former Main Office.  Note the bars on the windows.

The auditorium was locked, and I was told that access is not allowed due to 'safety concerns'.  I could not get a clear explanation of that, but it sounds like it is need of repair and they do not want any liability issues, so it is closed off for now.  I took this pic through the window of the door.
This view looks to the right of the hallway, toward St. Albert's Hall.

The far end of the hall.

Heading upstairs.

Entrance to the second floor, home of the Water and Sewer Department.

The Water and Sewer Department, formerly E7, maybe?  

This hallway is known as the "Green Floor", looking down toward the former E9 on the right (toward St. Edmund's Hall).

At the end of the "Green Floor" is the Recreation Department.  The former E9 would be immediately on the right.

One of the "Men's Rooms", and I inadvertently caught my reflection in the mirror.  The ambiance was familiar.  ;)  No, I did not venture with my camera into the "Women's Room".  Sorry.  :) 

View of the exterior of the Auditorium/gymnasium from the staircase. 

This is the lower floor, and I believe this was Room M10 (?), the scene of Joe Kennedy's infamous prank on Sr. Anne, which may, or may not, have involved a Playboy centerfold rolled up into the window shade on the classroom door.   There was a rest room just outside this door, and students using the rest room would frequently come to the window on the door and distract the class.  Sr. Anne would notice the distraction, and walk to the door in a huff and forcefully pull down the shade to stop the distraction.   One day she got the shock of her life when she pulled down that shade!   She never saw THAT one coming!  Too funny!  That still makes me laugh!

The rear of the classroom also had a door that opened to the rear yard and the outdoor basketball court, and students were known to exit the classroom on nice days during class to enjoy a breath of fresh air on occasion.  Not mentioning any names.  

This is known as the "Brown Floor', below the "Blue Floor".  

The present Senior Center, formerly the SBHS cafeteria.

The food prep area of the cafeteria.  

The kitchen.

This is the hallway of the Senior Center, with the cafeteria on the other side of those windows.  Notice the exterior brick around the windows:  I believe that this was the original exterior facade of the SBHS cafeteria, overlooking the baseball field.  

 There was a recreation league basketball game going on in the gym, and the access doors to the gym from the Social Services Center were locked.  So I chatted up the staff in the Senior Center, and they directed me to an unlocked gym entrance off the rear of the cafeteria.

Could that clock be original?  

There was a Rec League game in progress, and I was told that the gym floor was recently redone.  It looked pretty good! 

That water fountain struck me as being familiar.  Could it be original?

The United Methodist Church, formerly St. Albert's Hall.  This side faces Broad Street.  The front door was locked, and there didn't seem to be anyone around.

Marian Hall roof can be seen at the left of the pic.

 But as I circled the building I came across a couple of nice elderly gentlemen doing some interior work near a rear entrance. I introduced myself and explained my interest in the building, and they let me inside where I took the following pics.

This is the main entrance hallway, just inside the front door that I originally found locked.

The sanctuary, natural lighting.

The staircase to the second floor.  This appeared to be more private quarters so I did not intrude.

This room said "Ladies".  

The kitchen for the Social Room or Parish Hall.

Parish Hall.

Again, my two gracious hosts.  They are brothers, in their 70s, and 'from the Islands", Antigua, I believe.  They are related to, or friends with some familiar family names to SBHS:  Richardson, Duzant and Hodges.  Thank you, fellas!