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Monday, December 26, 2016

Freshman Class Officers and High School Life Circa 1964

OOPS! Here is another pic from the 1964 Crosier that I somehow overlooked: Freshman Class Officers at the very top! Plus a few thematic pics showing what high school life was like back in 'the olden days'!

Dennis Kent, Lawrence Crowley, Marinell (Mimi Cushman Gillen) Cushman, and Joseph Kennedy.

Christmas 1964

Christmas 1964: Class of 1967 Choraliers serenade Santa Claus! Lorraine Chyinski, Patricia McCarthy and Elizabeth Logan. Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Final Pics of the Class of 1967 in the 1964 Crosier

Here are the last pics from the 1964 Crosier in which members of the Class of 1967 appear. You will note that in several of the pics the folks are not identified by name ...... but we know those faces, don't we? Noreen (the Photo-Bomber) Bluemling and Marguerite Stoffel Glidden are both in there, and that scrub-faced cherub in front of John Hazlin is Yours Truly! Ah, 14 was such a great age! ;)
Noreen Bluemling at the lower left. 
Noreen Bluemling and Marguerite Stoffel Glidden, with perhaps Kathleen Hann at the lower left. 
Tom Schuch, John Hazlin, another Senior and then Kevin McKenna, I think.

Class Moderators for The Class of 1967

Class Moderators for the Class of 1967: originally, Brother Roger Baillargeon, S.S.E, and Sister Claire Genevieve, F.S.E. Sister Rita of the Passion, F.S.E. replaced Sr. Claire Genevieve when she was transferred. Both Brother Roger and Sister Rita have since left their respective orders. The Reunion Committee has made contact with Sr. Rita, now Joan Blais, and we hope to have her as an Honored Guest at the Reunion. We are searching for Brother Roger. If you have any info on him, please contact the Reunion Committee. We have no information on Sr. Claire Genevieve.  

UPDATE December 27, 2016: We have some sad news to report by way of an update on Sr. Clare Genevieve*.

*UPDATE for Sr. Clare Genevieve:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NL cited for conditions at senior center, offices (the former Marian Hall)

This article is from today's New London Day. It appeared as the headline article on the front page of the Region section. The Martin Center, of course, is better known to most of us as the former Marian Hall. The Senior Citizens Center includes our former cafeteria area in the rear lower level of the building.

NL cited for conditions at senior center, offices

State found violations related to maintenance, poor housekeeping

New London — State safety officials this summer cited the city for several workplace violations at the Richard R. Martin Center and Senior Citizens Center related to a lack of maintenance and poor housekeeping.
Inspectors with the state Department of Labor’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health found an accumulation of mold, paint chips and debris, much of which is linked to water leaks over the years, inside the two connected buildings at 120 Broad St. There were also slate tiles falling off the Martin Center roof and an ineffective rodent extermination program, according to a state OSHA report obtained by The Day.
The violations were issued on Aug. 25 and a settlement agreement reached with the city on Sept. 19, according to state OSHA records.
For the Senior Center, the inspector found one serious violation and several “other than serious” issues that do not carry a penalty, but also needed correction. At the Martin Center, the inspector cited a serious violation related to the cleanliness of the building and two others regarding lack of employee training and how the floor was cleaned.
Several rooms closed off
There were no immediate health risks for city employees and no significant levels of airborne mold. The city, though, was forced to take corrective actions which involved extensive rehabilitation work at the senior center and the closing of several rooms and the auditorium at the Martin Center. Lead was also detected in some of the paint samples taken at the Martin Center but none to a level that led to an OSHA violation.
One of the “serious” violations noted by OSHA officials was due to the lack of proper asbestos awareness training and based on the fact staff had not used low abrasion pads when cleaning the asbestos floor tiles.
The city has spent about $95,000 for the renovations and repairs being conducted by public works employees at the senior center, according to Public Works Director Brian Sear. The funds, approved by the City Council in October, will come from a portion of the city’s share of the state Local Capital Improvement Program.
The renovations at the Senior Center and cleanup at the Martin Center were part of a settlement the city reached with state OSHA officials who acknowledged a swift response by the city and Risk Manager Paul Gills. OSHA halved the city’s initial proposed fine of $1,180 to $590.
“The city has done a fantastic job in doing everything they can to get these things corrected,” said state OSHA Director Kenneth Tucker III.
The city has taken all required corrective action at the Martin Center and is close to completing work at the senior center, Gills said. The inspection that prompted the citations was conducted on May 11 based on a complaint filed on behalf of public works employees by local public works union president David Kotecki. Kotecki said at the time the concern was not just for employees but visitors coming and going from the Martin Center.
The Martin Center is home to a mix of city departments and a handful of employees from public works, public utilities, New London Youth Affairs Family Childhood Center and the recreation department.
The Martin Center’s deteriorating condition is well known among city officials who earlier this year declared the building surplus property and are marketing it for possible senior housing through the Renaissance City Development Association.
Mayor Michael Passero called it “some of the most expensive office space in the city,” because of the exorbitant maintenance costs associated with such an old and sprawling building. Built in 1950, the 48,000-square-foot building is originally part of the Williams Memorial Institute and was purchased by the city in 1975.
“We can’t afford to keep up with the building. It’s not a secret,” Passero said.
Passero said the focus for the future will be continued investment at the senior center and the Martin Center’s gymnasium, which is used for various recreation department programs. The rest of the Martin Center is to be vacated.
The public utilities department is preparing for a move to an office building at Fort Trumbull while the city will explore the possibility of using previously vacated space at the city-owned Stanton Building for public works employees.
In the meantime, Passero said the city will continue to seek grant funds, a partner or other means to repurpose the Martin Center property.
The work at the senior center was extensive and remains ongoing. The city has already replaced most of the roof which was considered the source of many of the problems – water damaged sheetrock walls, ceilings and floors. Leaking windows were also replaced.
Senior Affairs Commission Chairwoman Karen Paul said the improvements completed by the public works employees have improved the space but were long overdue. She said the senior center has suffered damage for years because of water damage related to the leaky roof and windows and backed up drainage pipes.
She said the work should have been done a long time ago.
“There have been times through the years that water was pouring in,” she added.
Paul said there have not been any water problems since the city performed the most recent repairs.
Gills, the city’s risk manager, said the last of the work to satisfy OSHA was expected to be completed by January.
Gills said the city might have avoided the citations had the union followed the city’s safety management process and raised concerns at one of the regular safety committee meeting. Gills said OSHA would have been brought in for an inspection and consultation rather than enforcement.
“It could have been handled differently,” Gills said.

SBHS "Connections" e-Newsletter Spreads The Word!

The latest "Connections", the e-newsletter from St. Bernard School in Uncasville, gave us a little plug. 

The Save-the-Date mailing has indeed gone out, and should be arriving in your mailbox soon!  If you are reading this and do NOT receive one.... please let us know!  We may not have correct information on your address.  You can also get the information and enclosures contained in the Save-the-Date mailing by going to the "Save the Date Enclosures" page listed just below the banner pic on the home page above.

Thank you, Dana Williams, and the folks in the Alumni Office!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Save The Date Packets Have Started To Arrive!

UPDATE 12/19/2016: Copies of the enclosures that were included in the Save-the-Date mailing are available on this blog.  Look for the link under the main header at the top of this page.   The Missing Classmates List also has its own separate page on this blog, linked above.  

Hi All,
Check your (snail) mailboxes carefully today: The Save-the-Date Packets have started to arrive locally! It may be a little longer for those of you who are located some distance away.  Here is the cover letter: 
Dear Fellow SBHS Classmate of 1967:
Can it really be 50 YEARS???? It seems like only yesterday when we raced from the top floor of St. Edmunds down the stairs and hustled over to St. Albert’s Hall or Marian Hall to make our next class. Our lives were defined by St. Bernard’s, by the uniforms, the nuns, brothers, priests and lay teachers who taught us. Carrying home a large stack of books to do what seemed like endless homework and meeting up with our friends and classmates at Rialto Pizza or the Capitol Candy Kitchen. Ah, those were the days when life was simple…
Since graduation day in June of 1967, we’ve all gone our separate ways—attending college, apprenticing for a trade, entering the workforce, embarking on careers, establishing families—always carrying a bit of the SBHS pride and work ethic with us. Well guys and gals, why not reconnect once again to see how it all turned out. It will be fun to reminisce about our youthful indiscretions as well as share stories about our families, careers, travels and adventures over these many decades.
A motley crew of classmates has met over these past several weeks to plan a memorable reunion celebration and we’d love to have you join us. So, please SAVE THE DATE OF AUGUST 12, 2017 for our 50th Reunion. Dinner will be at Langley’s Restaurant at the scenic Great Neck Country Club (formerly the New London Country Club). You can sip a cocktail (or not) and mingle with classmates on the patio overlooking the golf course during the social hour and then enjoy a terrific dinner with either LIVE music or a DJ serenading us with tunes from the 60’s and 70’s! An evening of good conversation, music, dancing, and lots of laughs all adds up to an irresistible menu. But we need your feedback on a list of related activities that we have in mind for our Reunion Weekend. So please check out the attached Reunion Ancillary Activities Checklist and be sure to indicate your interests.
We want the reunion to be as enjoyable and affordable an experience as possible for all of our classmates, including those on fixed incomes who may incur considerable travel and accommodation expenses to attend. So we’re offering a list of giving categories so that those of us who happen to be in more fortunate circumstances have an opportunity to help defray the cost of this Golden venture. Please refer to the list attached to choose from six Donation Categories. Whether you are a Broad Street Saint or a Blue Velvet Donor, any amount you can spare will be appreciated, so thank you! Any excess cash collected will be used for a scholarship or a donation to SBHS in the name of the Class of 1967. That would surely elicit a “Yea God!” from Father Scully!
Are you in touch with any of the classmates on the reverse side of this letter? If so, please provide us with contact information ASAP so that we can be sure they are included in our reunion plans.
Estimated cost of the Reunion Dinner/Dance at Langley’s is $65.00 per person. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: Our Facebook and blog pages are listed in the footer below.
Goldenly yours,
The ’67 SBHS Reunion Committee: Noreen Bluemling, Jack Carr, Bill Crocker, Mimi Cushman Gillen, Faith Davidson Asselin, Barbara Doherty, Rob Hayden, Donna Moore, Tom Schuch, Joan Sullivan Cooper

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rock Our World!

This happened! Two months after our world got rocked by the assassination of JFK, our world got rocked again! And it couldn't have come at a better time! "The arrival of the Beatles in the U.S., and subsequent appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1964 marked the start of the British Invasion."

Click this link for a video that you just might recognize:

And here are a couple more for your enjoyment:

Music: Frosh Join the Chorus and the Band!

Music became an increasingly important part of our lives, both in and out of school. Here we see the Class of '67 joining the Boys Chorus (and the Girl's Chorus, posted earlier today); with Peter "The Music Man" Dempsey; freshmen joining the band; John Lombardo performs at the Freshman Mixer. And then something huge happened..... stay tuned.... ;)

 Girl's Chorus 1963-64.

Getting involved in the life and spirit of high school.

Here4 we see some examples of the Class of '67 getting involved in the life and spirit of high school.  Crosier 1964.

(Lto R) John Krajewski, Walter Crandall, John Bergeron,  Jack Carr, Joe Kane and Stephen Connor.

1964 Crosier: Freshmen Sports!

Class of 1967 Freshmen Sports

For some reason the freshmen football team did not get a photo in the 1964 Crosier. !!?? How could that happen? I have requested an explanation of this egregious omission, and demanded a correction naturally, but, after 50 years, I have only a very faint hope of success.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mission Accomplished: Save-the-Date Mailing Envelope Stuffing Party Success!

Mission Accomplished: Save-the-Date Mailing Envelope Stuffing Party Success! December 8 was our first big Target Date on the Road to the Reunion! Our task was to complete over 200 Save-the-Date packets, complete with 4 enclosures each, and prepare them for the SBHS Alumni Office to label, stamp and mail them for us! I am pleased to report that the project was a complete success, thanks to the outstanding teamwork by the folks in these pics! We had an assembly line going that would have made Henry Ford proud, completing the stuffing and sealing in less than 30 minutes! Furthermore, there were no reported injuries, and no wine was spilled unnecessarily. It was a lot of fun, lots of laughs, and I wish to extend my personal thanks to: (clockwise L to R) Bill Crocker, Joan Sullivan Cooper, Barbara Doherty, Faith Asselin, Donna Moore, and Jack Carr! Special thanks to Joan Sullivan Cooper and Faith Asselin for their hard work in writing up the enclosures in the mailing! Those letters should be going out in the next few days, so watch your mailboxes. The enclosures include requests for information and feedback from you, btw, so we look forward to hearing back from you! We need you to help us make this Reunion a success! And Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Updated Missing Classmate's List

I am pleased to report that, with your help, we have made some significant progress in whittling down the list of Missing Classmates. Here is where we stand as of today:
Carol A. Rowe,
Donalee McAuliffe,
Edward D. Keenan,
Elizabeth T. Collmer(Garvey),
Kathleen M. Reilly,
Kathleen P. Ellis,
Linda L. Yates,
Lorraine M. Chyinski,
Lynn B. Wallace,
Marilyn L. Tiberii,
Michael P. O'Neil,
Norma M. Mrowka,
Richard W. Englehardt
Rita K. McGuinness,
Susan C. Garbarino

We have come a long way, baby, but we would like to reach everyone!
Our plan is to complete that list as much as possible by early next week. We will be mailing out a "Save The Date" packet at the end of next week---- assuming all goes according to plan --- to everyone on the list for the August 12, 2017 50th Reunion. Thanks again to Jack Carr for compiling and posting the "Missing Persons' list for us, and to everyone who helped track down those names! Great job! And please remember, if you have any info --- no matter how old or seemingly insignificant! ---- on anyone on that list, please send it to:

Jack Carr at:,

or to:,

or just post it here! Every clue helps, and we need all the help we can get! Thanks in advance!

And, by the way, we will continue to make every effort to contact all the missing persons even after the Save the Date Mailing.... right up to the reunion itself in August. So if you hear anything at any time about anyone listed above, please let us know!

Snippets From The Halcyon Days of our Youth: 1964 Crosier

Ah, these were indeed the halcyon days of our youth. Anne Flynn et al learning expository writing in English I; Joe Fretard wrestling with mathematical abstractions in Algebra I; Freshman girls learning life skills like cooking (Lavina Ferraro, Pat Little, Noreen Bluemling, Kristin Purkrabek, and Eileen Curley); and sewing in Christian Family Living class with Janice Vormbrock, Susan Venditti Smith Frenchman, Janet Vormbrock, Ann Goula, Janice Henrici, and Pat Schlink.

Anne Flynn et al learning expository writing in English I.  Familiar faces in that crowd!  

Joe Fretard wrestling with mathematical abstractions in Algebra I; 
Freshman girls learning life skills like cooking (Lavina Ferraro, Pat Little, Noreen Bluemling, Kristin Purkrabek, and Eileen Curley); and sewing in Christian Family Living class with Janice Vormbrock, Susan Venditti Smith Frenchman, Janet Vormbrock, Ann Goula, Janice Henrici, and Pat Schlink. 

 Sewing in Christian Family Living class with Janice Vormbrock, Susan Venditti Smith Frenchman, Janet Vormbrock, Ann Goula, Janice Henrici, and Pat Schlink.