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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Final Pics of the Class of 1967 in the 1964 Crosier

Here are the last pics from the 1964 Crosier in which members of the Class of 1967 appear. You will note that in several of the pics the folks are not identified by name ...... but we know those faces, don't we? Noreen (the Photo-Bomber) Bluemling and Marguerite Stoffel Glidden are both in there, and that scrub-faced cherub in front of John Hazlin is Yours Truly! Ah, 14 was such a great age! ;)
Noreen Bluemling at the lower left. 
Noreen Bluemling and Marguerite Stoffel Glidden, with perhaps Kathleen Hann at the lower left. 
Tom Schuch, John Hazlin, another Senior and then Kevin McKenna, I think.

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