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Friday, December 2, 2016

Updated Missing Classmate's List

I am pleased to report that, with your help, we have made some significant progress in whittling down the list of Missing Classmates. Here is where we stand as of today:
Carol A. Rowe,
Donalee McAuliffe,
Edward D. Keenan,
Elizabeth T. Collmer(Garvey),
Kathleen M. Reilly,
Kathleen P. Ellis,
Linda L. Yates,
Lorraine M. Chyinski,
Lynn B. Wallace,
Marilyn L. Tiberii,
Michael P. O'Neil,
Norma M. Mrowka,
Richard W. Englehardt
Rita K. McGuinness,
Susan C. Garbarino

We have come a long way, baby, but we would like to reach everyone!
Our plan is to complete that list as much as possible by early next week. We will be mailing out a "Save The Date" packet at the end of next week---- assuming all goes according to plan --- to everyone on the list for the August 12, 2017 50th Reunion. Thanks again to Jack Carr for compiling and posting the "Missing Persons' list for us, and to everyone who helped track down those names! Great job! And please remember, if you have any info --- no matter how old or seemingly insignificant! ---- on anyone on that list, please send it to:

Jack Carr at:,

or to:,

or just post it here! Every clue helps, and we need all the help we can get! Thanks in advance!

And, by the way, we will continue to make every effort to contact all the missing persons even after the Save the Date Mailing.... right up to the reunion itself in August. So if you hear anything at any time about anyone listed above, please let us know!

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