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Monday, December 19, 2016

Save The Date Packets Have Started To Arrive!

UPDATE 12/19/2016: Copies of the enclosures that were included in the Save-the-Date mailing are available on this blog.  Look for the link under the main header at the top of this page.   The Missing Classmates List also has its own separate page on this blog, linked above.  

Hi All,
Check your (snail) mailboxes carefully today: The Save-the-Date Packets have started to arrive locally! It may be a little longer for those of you who are located some distance away.  Here is the cover letter: 
Dear Fellow SBHS Classmate of 1967:
Can it really be 50 YEARS???? It seems like only yesterday when we raced from the top floor of St. Edmunds down the stairs and hustled over to St. Albert’s Hall or Marian Hall to make our next class. Our lives were defined by St. Bernard’s, by the uniforms, the nuns, brothers, priests and lay teachers who taught us. Carrying home a large stack of books to do what seemed like endless homework and meeting up with our friends and classmates at Rialto Pizza or the Capitol Candy Kitchen. Ah, those were the days when life was simple…
Since graduation day in June of 1967, we’ve all gone our separate ways—attending college, apprenticing for a trade, entering the workforce, embarking on careers, establishing families—always carrying a bit of the SBHS pride and work ethic with us. Well guys and gals, why not reconnect once again to see how it all turned out. It will be fun to reminisce about our youthful indiscretions as well as share stories about our families, careers, travels and adventures over these many decades.
A motley crew of classmates has met over these past several weeks to plan a memorable reunion celebration and we’d love to have you join us. So, please SAVE THE DATE OF AUGUST 12, 2017 for our 50th Reunion. Dinner will be at Langley’s Restaurant at the scenic Great Neck Country Club (formerly the New London Country Club). You can sip a cocktail (or not) and mingle with classmates on the patio overlooking the golf course during the social hour and then enjoy a terrific dinner with either LIVE music or a DJ serenading us with tunes from the 60’s and 70’s! An evening of good conversation, music, dancing, and lots of laughs all adds up to an irresistible menu. But we need your feedback on a list of related activities that we have in mind for our Reunion Weekend. So please check out the attached Reunion Ancillary Activities Checklist and be sure to indicate your interests.
We want the reunion to be as enjoyable and affordable an experience as possible for all of our classmates, including those on fixed incomes who may incur considerable travel and accommodation expenses to attend. So we’re offering a list of giving categories so that those of us who happen to be in more fortunate circumstances have an opportunity to help defray the cost of this Golden venture. Please refer to the list attached to choose from six Donation Categories. Whether you are a Broad Street Saint or a Blue Velvet Donor, any amount you can spare will be appreciated, so thank you! Any excess cash collected will be used for a scholarship or a donation to SBHS in the name of the Class of 1967. That would surely elicit a “Yea God!” from Father Scully!
Are you in touch with any of the classmates on the reverse side of this letter? If so, please provide us with contact information ASAP so that we can be sure they are included in our reunion plans.
Estimated cost of the Reunion Dinner/Dance at Langley’s is $65.00 per person. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: Our Facebook and blog pages are listed in the footer below.
Goldenly yours,
The ’67 SBHS Reunion Committee: Noreen Bluemling, Jack Carr, Bill Crocker, Mimi Cushman Gillen, Faith Davidson Asselin, Barbara Doherty, Rob Hayden, Donna Moore, Tom Schuch, Joan Sullivan Cooper

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