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Monday, November 7, 2016

Contemporary Pics of the Former SBHS Campus

Three pics of the former SBHS Campus area as it appears today: the former baseball field; the former Rialto Pizza; and the main campus entrance. Pics were taken on November 5, 2016, when I had occasion to drive by.

The lower field is now a parking lot for G.A. 10 Courthouse and the New London Senior Center. View is from lower Brainard Street. 

The former Rialto Pizza, across Broad Street from the SBHS campus. Form follows function: less of a demand for pizza in the neighborhood these days, apparently, and more of a demand for attorneys and Bail Bondsmen! 

St. Edmund's Hall is now the "State of Connecticut Superior Court Geographic Area (G.A.) 10".  Marian Hall is the Thomas Martin Social Services Center, housing a variety of City of New London municipal departments, in addition to the NL Senior Center. St. Albert's Hall is now a church.  The former convent houses a number of agency offices, including, I believe, the State of CT Office of Adult Probation.

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