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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1964 Crosier: Our Freshman Year at SBHS

OK, folks! Thanks to my sister Francine Schuch (SBHS '64), I now have a copy of the 1964 Crosier. That's right! Pics of you at the tender age of 14 or 15! This will be an equal opportunity, take-no-prisoners, cringe-fest, btw, so brace yourselves! If your pic was in that yearbook, prepare to see it here! With all due affection, naturally. So, as Izzy Mandelbaum (Lloyd Bridges) said on Seinfeld years ago ..... "All aboard the Pain Train!"  ;) 

(L to R) Dave Walsh, Bill Crocker, Priscilla Lutz, Joanne Foster, Charley Hennegan, Tom Falvey and Bob Mingo. This is a great pic!

Stay tuned!  Lots more pics to come!  

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