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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Class of '67 September 4, 1963

This pic is taken from the cover of the October-November 1963 issue of The Shield, posted here earlier today. This photograph marks the first published evidence of the arrival of the Class of 1967 to the Broad Street campus. Betty Garvey appears loaded down with books, while the young woman at the right seems completely unburdened. Was this part of 'Freshman Orientation", i.e., freshmen being required to carry the books of upperclassmen, wear beanies, etc., or was Betty Garvey just very studious?  ;) It looks like Anne Flynn at the center of the pic, but can anyone identify the person to the right?

UPDATE: I was perusing that Shield issue, and tucked into page 2, I found that cover photo identified thusly: "The Class of '67 September 4, 1963". Therefore, I believe that was actually the very FIRST DAY of our high school careers, and those are indeed all freshmen in the pic. And apparently Betty Garvey really WAS that studious! ;) 

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